The New River, McCoy, Virginia

Gessoed Wood Panel, 3" x 5 $40.00

I found an old photograph I had taken down at the New River and I just couldn't resist painting a picture of it. I love the mountains so much. I don't live too far from the Blue Ridge, but never seem get out there. They are never far from my mind or my heart though. They are aesthetically and spirtually inspiring.


Pink Rose and Antique Pitcher

Oil on Gessoed Archival Rag Board Laid Down on Board, 8" x 8"
$100.00 go to eBay
I've always been intrigued by this pitcher that belonged to my
husband's Scottish grandmother. I think it's the unusual blue color of
the handle and the stars. So beautiful. I was very happy with
the combination of that color with the hue of the rose, and with
the contrast between the solidity of the dark green leaves with
the delicacy of the hues in the flower.

Stormy Sky over the Caribbean

Oil on Yupo Paper laid down on Board,
6' x 6'

I love the Caribbean. This basically came
out of my mind, but I think it expresses
something of the mercurial quality of
the sky there. It always amazes me how
quickly it changes. You look one moment
and it is one way, and it seems as though
when you look back a few minutes later it is
entirely different. A dream of mine is to go there
some day and rent a room for five or six days
and just paint the same scene over and over with
the different skies. Kind of like Monet painting
the varied versions of the cathedral at Rouen at
diffferent times of day. -- It would never be
boring, and what a challenge! I think I'd probably
have to do more than a painting a day however.


Early Spring Window View

Oil on Gessoed Masonite, 4" x 4"

This was the view out my studio window at the beginnig
of March when I first started doing a painting a day.
I just love the colors in the sky, and how they seem to be
reflected into the bark of the tree. The little branches also
seem to be dancing, and seem to be awfully happy.
This is a great time of year. So much to look forward to!