Quick Sketch of Alan Posing in Class

Pencil and White Gouache on Brown Paper,
6" x 8" , NFS
This is a quick sketch of Alan, one of the best
figure models I've ever known, in one of my
favorite quick sketching mediums - mechanical
pencil and aqua-flow brush with white gouache.
Fun! The lovely brown color of the paper didn't
come through too well in the photo, unfortunately.


Liz's Reverie

Oil on Board, 6 1/4" x 7 1/2 SOLD
This is a portrait of a young woman who used to model
for my classes several years ago. She was a very good
model, and a very nice person, though a little taciturn.
She left for the Peace Corps - I think she went to Morocco -
and that was the last I saw of her. She had such an expressive
face. Wonderful to paint.
The kimono was lent to me by a good friend, and is from
the 1920's. It is really wild. It only comes to the waist, and
then has fringe that is about 18" long, all along the hem.
I think it was meant for the boudoir...........
Thanks for visiting today.
PS. I did not do this painting in just one day - I cannot
tell a lie.