Blue Harmony

Offering 5 Giclee Prints for sale, each archivally
printed on Hahnemuhle rag art paper, sized at 8" x 9",
with image at 6" x 8" as depicted// For sale> Email:
priscillacalhoun317@hotmail.com to purchase @ $50.00.
There are three copies of this giclee print left.
This is a painting of my daughter, wearing an
Indian wedding shawl. Her hair is not really this
red! However, I thought that it harmonized so
beautifully witht the colors in the shawl, and the
reflected color on her skin, that I would pretend
it was. She actually does have a lot of natural red
in her hair, that really comes out in the sunlight,
and has increased as she's gotten older. This is
one of my favorite paintings I have ever done of
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Demo Essence Sketch of Figure Model

7.5" x 11.5", Essence on Canson Paper
This is a demonstration that I did in my
workshop at The Art League School. This
is why it is not finished. The focus of the
class was gestural painting. We were deli-
berately trying to keep things loose.
Academic realism was not our goal.

We had a great time! For and explanation
of essence, look at previous posts.

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