Oil Sketch of Posing Male Nude's Back

Oil on Gessoed and Oil-Primed Archival Paper, 7" x 10"
This is a quickly-done limited palette oil sketch done in class
as a demo for students. I was quite happy with the results here,
and am only selling it because, like everyone else, I haveto make
a living. This model, unfortunately, moved to Floridathis year,
much to everyone's chagrin. He was a fine person,and a fabulous


Peppers and Turquoise

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This is a very small painting. It is only 6" x 3". Therefore, I was able to do it in just
one afternoon. I like the colors. I deliberately made the background and foreground
turquoise. So often paintings of this type have brown backgrounds, or the reverse.
That can undoubtedly be beautiful - but it's done all the time. I wanted to try some-
thing that I don't see all the time. Whether or not it's successful, I'll leave up to
you. It sure is fun to be painting again though.

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Margie's Angel

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This oil
over brown under-painting was done on a gessoed 6" x 6"
masonite panel. The main part of the features that you can see
are the underpainting. There are many glazes as well: transparent
Gold Ochre, Indian Yellow, Transparent Red Earth, Transparent
Yellow, and then also a great deal of opaque paint.

This is a fun way to paint. Solve the drawing part first, and then
you are relatively free to fool around with color.

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P.S. You may have noticed that I've added Google Ad Sense to my
blog. I hope you don't think that mercenary of me.....times are
hard......for everyone.