Demo Drawing of a Recumbant Figure

This small drawing is a demonstration in graphite pencil of drawing a
reclining figure. The arrow that seems to be shooting out from her
right breast is pointing out the concept of "negative space", or "background
shapes" - those shapes within, and outside of, a pose that one can utilize
to make it easier to get the figure in proportion.


Leslie and Reeds Triptych - Oil Painting on Board

I did this
oil painting several years ago, and I really like it. I like
the contrast between the muted colors in the side panels with
the more vivid colors of her clothing and drapery. I also love the
angle of her head which is so graceful.

Thanks for visiting today. I have a brace on my hand, because I
seriously pulled several ligaments in my arm when I fell off of my
bike, so my dreams of painting are going to have to be postponed for
a little while, hence, the exhibition of past works....


Oil Monotype of Dark Purple Iris

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This is an example of the type of monotype that is painted with
diluted oil paints on a zinc plate. I have done many of these in my
life, and with this medium have created some of my favorite
images. It is a fairly demanding medium, because you have to
dilute the paint to just the right consistency; you need to use
Turpentine, which I really can't stand (it gives me migraines,
even though I grew up with it because my mother was a painter
and used it constantly); and to manipulate the image, it has
to be semi-dry, or "set-up" to exactly the right state. At that point
you can take a pointed sable brush that is damp with solvent
and push the paint around on the plate - remove it, shape it,
add more, etc.. Then, it is printed on a dampened and blotted
piece of fine printmaking paper. The wonderful thing about
it is that oil and water don't mix, so that the oil image floats
semi-mysteriously, forever, on the surface of the paper - kind
of like a watercolor - but not. People ask my why I make these
instead of doing watercolors. That is why. They are not the
same in ANY way. You make a lot of losers, but when you make
a keeper, it is like nothing else. This isn't even one of my favorites.
Those are things I will never part with.