Carribean Memory

Oil on linen    14" X 20                                                                      Buy it Now
This is another painting done from memory. I am just as interested in the
abstract qualities of the piece as I am in trying to reproduce reality. I am
also trying to create some subtle color harmonies, which is always an
absorbing challenge.
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Painting for Candice


Oil on board, 7" x 9 "  NFS

Painting for Candice

Oil on board                         7" X 9"                             NFS

Memory of Chicoteague

Oil on Linen laid down on board                                                    14" x 20"
I actually started this painting several years ago as part of a series that I have
yet to complete. It was meant to be part of a triptych. It was painted mostly
from memory, so that accounts for its very simplified treatment of certain
aspects of the composition. But I like it, and it conveys, for me, what I felt
was the delicate beauty of the marshes and the sky.

Memory of Chicoteague

                    Oil on Linen laid down on board                 14" x 20"

Memory of Chincoteague