Drypoint Etching of Bassoonists

I did this drypoint as a commission for a man who collected musical instruments.
Because in drypoint you are drawing with a diamond point, the only way to create
tone is to build up layers of lines. It took me eight hours just to draw the large
bassoon in the front of the image.
Some people have asked me if I copied this from Degas, because it is reminiscent
of some of his concert paintings. I did not. I used various photo references of
musicians and made the rest up.
The man who commissioned it asked for an edition of twenty prints. I printed all
of them, which isn't easy with a zinc drypoint plate - the burr that creates the
image tends to wear down.
The man didn't buy a single copy. That's the life of an artist for you. But, I don't
care, because after all this time, this is still one of my favorite pieces.
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