Model Back and Colors revisited

I decided to re-post this painting tonight, because last
night's image was photographed, and did not do it justice -
I couldn't stand the way the image looked in the end.
So, after using a quick-drying varnish this morning before
going to teach my class, I scanned it in my printer tonight,
and here is the painting the way it really looks. The true
colors, and minus the strange blue glare/glow of yesterday!


Model Back and Colors

Oil on Wallis sanded pastel paper, 7" x 12" SOLD
This painting is much more luminous and lovely than it looks
in this photograph. It is not matte, but rather quite glossy.
It might seem strange to be painting on pastel paper, but quite
a few people do it, because it is an impervious surface, and also
archival. -- To tell the truth, this actually started out as a pastel
drawing, but halfway through, I just got the urge to use oils. There
was something about the light, and the color of the drape that
she is sitting on. I felt like doing a loose, sort of bravura study
and nothing lends itself to that like oil paint!


Head of Hypnos lll, (God of Sleep)

Pastel, Pastel Pencil, and Vine Charcoal on White Paper, 7" x 12"
This is number three, because this actually is the third drawing that I have done of this
head. I have about eight photos of it from many angles, and am just sort of obsessed with
it, I guess. The drawings never look the same, and I have never yet really tried to create the
feeling of the bronze that it was originally created from. I'll have to do that next - that's really fun.
I was fairly satisfied with this, though not completely. There is some inherent ethereal
beauty in this face that makes it difficult to make it appear manly, although in the actual head
itself there are many manly elements that are particuarly evident from certain points of view.
I also find it intriguing just that they had a god of sleep to begin with, and always feel I
am creating something "unusual" to say the least, when I draw this object. I just never
tire of it. I think it is so beautiful. I'm sure I will do many more.


Ancient Roman Sculpture of a Child. ca 10 BC

I decided to go back to working in pastels today, although I'm
alternating this with working in oils, to honor some commitments.
For some reason, I really get inspired by images of ancient sculptures.
This child was particularly moving. One doesn't see many sculptures
of many children extant - particularly one this expressive! It was
marble, but I decided, with my "artist's license", to take some liberties
with the color, so I could give it a blue background. I love blue!! Any
chance to put blue in a picture I will always take. And there are so
many hues of it! Actually, my oil palette has about eight blues on it.
They areso inspiring.

Anyway, this is my offering for today. And, as I said recently, I am
beginning, slowly, to offer these things for sale again in my eBay store.
There will be more information about each item there.

Thanks for your interest in my work.