Cloud 11 - the storm breaks

Oil on Gessoed Board, 4" x 4" SOLD

I painted this during a class last night.
I worked on an orange background
and really enjoyed it. Although this is
just a sketch, I feel it has a sense of
depth. It makes me wish I were in the


Reworked Greek Venus Torso

Pastel and vine charcoal on white paper, 10" x 13"
I actually thought I had finished this drawing, but
when I looked at it today I realized I hadn't. So I
worked on it again and am happy with the results.
Thanks for visiting.


Marble Head of Pompey

Pastel on Frankfurt Cream, 11" x 14" NFS

This drawing is actually similar to what is underneath
my previous post, "Head of Achilles". This drawing
has been covered with acrylic medium, as I was
planning on painting over it in oils. However, I decided
that I like it like this - a very faint, mysterious image
in delicate colors.


Danielle in Profile

Oil on Heavy Paper, 7.5" x 10" SOLD
This is a friend of my daughter's. I have
done four paintings of her to date.
I like the simplistic, abstract qualities
of this painting. It is something I would
like to explore.
Thanks for visiting.