Man from the Back in Essence

5" x 9", Essence on Canson Paper
Another example of the technique
I will be teaching in my workshop.
It looks rather like pastel or gouache
when it is dry, because of the lack
of oil in the paint. I really like this
way of painting.
Did I mention that you can paint an
entire grisaille and then paint an entire
picture in color over that? So much


Lesli Modeling in Class

24" x 14", Essence on Canson, SOLD

I really was pleased with the colors in this
piece, particularly considering that I did
it from a black and white photo that I had
taken of the model after class. I find that
that is a good exercise. It frees you to be
more imaginative with "skin color".

Now, how about Bonnard......see any
"skin color" there? Then again, perhaps
he thought he was painting skin colors.
We'll never know, but whatever it was,
it certainly was sublime, and we are
luckier for it.


Seated Model & Monochromatic Sketch of Walking Nude

Upper- Essence on Canson Paper,
Lower - Oil on Vellum Tracing Paper
Because this vellum paper has a treated surface,
and is impervious to oils, it is possible to
paint on it with paint right out of the tube.
The upper study was done from life,
however, the lower drawing was
actually done not from life, but from
a tiny figure in Eadward Muybridge's
classic text The Human Figure in Motion,
which is full of hundreds of photos of nudes,
all of which were taken using stop-action
photography in the late 19th, and early 2oth
centuries, against gridded walls.
He also took photographs of horses running (one
of which Degas used as a model for one of his sculptures),
and of birds flying.
Essence, and also painting on vellum, are two
of the techniques I will be teaching
next week in my Gesturing the Figure in Oils
workshop at the Art League School in
Alexandria, Virginia. - We will be working from
live models however.

Thanks for visiting today.


Incomplete Flower Study

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3.5" x 6", Gouche on WC Paper
I'm not sure what this flower is. I did it
from a photo in a flower catalogue online,
but a just love the colors, and actually
love the unfinished quality of it. I don't think
I am meant to paint big, histrionic paintings.
I think I was probably a monk in a former
lifetime illuminating manuscripts in a
monastery, full of flowers and gold leaf
ornamentation. Things like that make
me happy.
Thanks for visiting today.
Tomorrow I am going to get back to
oil painting, and also I need to get back
to the figure.