Lesli Modeling in Class

24" x 14", Essence on Canson, SOLD

I really was pleased with the colors in this
piece, particularly considering that I did
it from a black and white photo that I had
taken of the model after class. I find that
that is a good exercise. It frees you to be
more imaginative with "skin color".

Now, how about Bonnard......see any
"skin color" there? Then again, perhaps
he thought he was painting skin colors.
We'll never know, but whatever it was,
it certainly was sublime, and we are
luckier for it.


Edward B. Gordon said...

exelent and outstanding !

Priscilla said...

Thank you Edward, for your kind commennt!

Gargantuan Media said...

The gesture is very sure and solid with some playfulness in it. Color choice is wild - adding to the energy of this piece.

Really great.