The Young Egon Schiele, a pencil drawing

Graphite on paper, 5.5" square, NFS

I've been getting ready for my weekend workshop all
day, and haven't had time to paint, so I thought I would
"cheat", and post something I've already done.

I love this drawing. I love Egon Schiele's work, bizarre
and idiosyncratic as it is, there is so much beauty there.
I know some people have a difficult time finding that
beauty, but for someone who loves to draw as much as
I do, it is very evident.

Poor thing, he died at a very young age (early 20's I think)
of the pandemic flu in 1918. What a waste of a great talent.
Well, he certainly produced a lot while he was alive.

This was done from a photo of his face at the age of about
sixteen, and clearly shows his intelligence and sensitivity,
I think.

Thanks for visiting today.


Sophie by the Window II

Oil on Canvas on Wood, 7 1/8" x 10 1/2" SOLD

I did not paint this in one day. I have been working
on this painting on and off for a few months now.
It is a copy (in reverse) of a painting I did of my
daughter about seven years ago. I just love the
composition and colors so much that I had to do
another one. It was painstaking, but worth it, I think.
I love the orange/gold/yellow kimono jacket contrasted
with the purple/blue/white kimono robe, and the light
in her hair. Isn't she beautiful? (on the inside, too)


The Actress

Oil on Primed Paper, 4" Square SOLD
Well, so far, I'm doing well with my resolution to
paint every day. I'm really enjoying it too. It's so
stimulating! There are just so many things to paint.
I love painting people, and I love landscapes too.
I have a weekend-long workshop this coming
weekend, and then on Monday I'll be teaching all
day, so I'll have to see how I can work things out.
I don't relish the idea of ignoring my family, but
sometimes one has to do this.
I remember reading, in Life with Picasso, by
one of his mistresses whose name escapes me
at the moment, that he used to paint all night,
and she would deliver his breakfast to him in the
morning. What service! Of course, she was an artist
too - not that that mattered to him, of course......
Then there was Mahler and and his wife Alma Schindler,
whom he forbade to compose...............
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, Nijinsky and his wife - boy
these guys were intimidated by their wives'
creative urges. What a shame.....
I'm lucky - I don't have that problem. Thank God.
Thanks for looking.


Winter Sunset

Oil over Acrylic on 6" square Linen-covered masonite board

This small painting is part of my resolution to myself to do a painting
every day except Monday (I teach all day).
I finished the figure paintingyesterday. I'll probably do another painting
this afternoon as it is only 1 pm. We'll see what happens!
This is inspired by a photograph, but the
rest is imaginary.
I wish it would snow!

Sonia's Back

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 7.75" x 10", SOLD
Here is that painting I showed the beginning of a few
months ago. I finally finished it! Don't ask me why it
took so long....you don't want to know. It's a loooong
Anyway, I have another post today - a small landscape
painting I partially made up. But I am very happy with
this one, if I do say so myself. I love the colors. I used
my chromatic grays that I mix to paint the drapery that
she is sitting on. It came out perfectly. Just a little
dioxizine purple and some chromatic gray warm!
So much fun.
Sorry about the glare.
Thanks for visiting today.


Storm over Green Fields

Oil on linen laid down on wood, 6" x 8" - SOLD
As it is the beginning of the New Year, and as life has taken me away
from my work so consistently in recent months, I have made a New
Year's Resolution to complete a painting at least six days a week,
starting TODAY.
These paintings will be for bid starting at $100 in my eBay store.
They will range in size from "4 square, to 8" x 10", or sometimes larger,
and I can't promise they will always be oil paintings, as I love to experi-
ment so much.
This painting was photographed literally the minute after
I finished it - that is why it is so shiny.
Thanks for visiting, and I wish my "followers", and all else who visit
here the Happiest of New Years!