Founders Beach, Isla Morada

6" x 8", Gouache on Canson WC Paper NFS

This is a VERY loose interpretation of a beach I snorkeled
off of in the Keys. I saw some amazing Parrot Fish there
(they're the ones that have the beaks and eat the coral that
gets processed by their digestive systems into sand...what goes
around comes around.....very literally in this case). The photo
I posted before I went away was of a Princess Parrot Fish - one
of my all-time favorite fish to see. I did notice, though, that these
fish were very skittish and kept running away from me, while in
the Caribbean they are really laid back, and let you follow them
around for an hour. They come in many different colors - bright
orange, red and green, and the turquoise of the Queen and Princess.

Thanks for visiting today. I think by Monday I'll have this out of
my system.


Pink and Yellow Cloud off of Key West

5" x 5", Gouache on Strathmore Bristol,
This cloud plus the silhouette of all the trees really
caught my eye. I really want to do this in oil, I think
I could do it justice in that medium. This is just a sketch
but I had fun doing it.

Back View Sketch of Seated Model in Drypoint

3 1/2" x 5", Drypoint Etching Bid Here
I didn't have much time to work today, so
I drew and printed this sketch from a photo
that I had taken of my favorite model, Sharon,
a few years ago.
I used a zinc plate, so there was some nice
plate tone, and I was pleased with the line
quality and suggestion of darkness in the
Thanks for visiting today.


Gestural Figure Study in Red and White Conte on Blue Paper

Red & White Conte on Blue Paper,
11" x 14" , NFS
I really enjoyed working from this model.
She is so statuesque. Gesture drawing is
so much fun, and good for you too! So many
students are afraid to let go and try it - they
don't realize how much it can improve your


Storm Off the Keys

Gouache on Canson WC Paper, 4 1/2" x 7" Bid Here
I just got back for the Florida Keys on Saturday. We spent two days
dealing with a hurricane, which was at times exciting, at other times
disappointing. But it also yielded mind-gripping images such as
the one above, which I did from memory completely, so of course
it isn't as fantastic as it was in real life.
I was five miles out off the coast of Key Largo, snorkeling from an
excursion boat. We had all just finished and returned to the boat,
when a storm pulled up really very fast. It literally started raining
as the last person climbed up the ladder into the boat. But as we
made our way back to shore (we had been at the John Pennecamp
Natural Park, which is the only great barrier reef in the United States),
and moved away from the storm, there was this amazing limpid green
water backed by a threatening black sky. There was no blue, or visible
clouds. I just stuck those in there for artistic effect.
Thanks for visiting today.