Flower of Love and Hope (for Jane and Jean-Louis)

                           Gouache and gouging on paper                                                       5" x 4.5"

                                      I would ask everyone I know to pray for my friends Jean-Louis and Jane.

                                     Thank you.


Imaginary Fjord - (for Laila and Knut)

Gouache on Hotpress Watercolor Paper   7" x 5"

Last summer we went to Key West for a week, and met a great
Norwegian family who were staying in the same hotel. It was a
magical situation where you felt as though you've known each
other for years. We had a blast! --  I've never been to Norway, and
happen to be part Scandivaian myself (Danish grandfather). I would
love to go there someday. I guess in the meantime I'll have to
content myself with painting imaginary pictures of the place.