Egret on the Edge of the Woods

                                                                 Gouache on paper, 3" x 4"

                                                                 This is obviously a tiny painting. The
                                                                 interesting thing is that, because most of
                                                                 my gouaches are done in notebooks, most
                                                                 of them are small. This doesn't bother me,
                                                                 as I've always been attracted to small art.


Night Clouds and Moon

                                    Gouache on Paper, 5" x 4"

                                    Although I usually use a combination of
                                    washes and opaque passages in my gouache
                                    paintings, here I used it quite thickly - almost
                                    like oil paint. That is the wonderful thing
                                    about this medium: its versatility. If you've
                                    never tried it, you really should. It's easy to
                                    use, and a delight to work with.