Rose Tulip

I am having a real tug of war lately between my oils and my gouache.
I have things I really have to get done in oils. Paintings that are unfinished
make me very uncomfortable.
This morning I painted all morning, but I noticed that my heart just
wasn't in it. Have I become a "gouche painter"? Who knows? But it
sure seems like it. For one thing, it's just so much easier. No solvent,
no washing the brushes when I'm done. And, there is something about
the particular mercurial characteristics of the watercolor and the
gouache that I just love.
We'll I'll just keep this up like this for a while and see how it goes.
Today I asked the angels to help me. I believe that they did.
Thanks for stopping by today.


Sunset Sky

This is another in the series of small gouaches that I have been doing
lately. I painted in oils all morning, and just couldn't keep from grabbing
the gouache by about 3 PM. This isn't the greatest piece I've ever done, but
it has a certain feeling that I like. I figure if I keep on doing them I can't
help butget better and better. Anyway, it is really fun.

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