Founders Beach, Isla Morada

6" x 8", Gouache on Canson WC Paper NFS

This is a VERY loose interpretation of a beach I snorkeled
off of in the Keys. I saw some amazing Parrot Fish there
(they're the ones that have the beaks and eat the coral that
gets processed by their digestive systems into sand...what goes
around comes around.....very literally in this case). The photo
I posted before I went away was of a Princess Parrot Fish - one
of my all-time favorite fish to see. I did notice, though, that these
fish were very skittish and kept running away from me, while in
the Caribbean they are really laid back, and let you follow them
around for an hour. They come in many different colors - bright
orange, red and green, and the turquoise of the Queen and Princess.

Thanks for visiting today. I think by Monday I'll have this out of
my system.

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