Ancient Roman Sculpture of a Child. ca 10 BC

I decided to go back to working in pastels today, although I'm
alternating this with working in oils, to honor some commitments.
For some reason, I really get inspired by images of ancient sculptures.
This child was particularly moving. One doesn't see many sculptures
of many children extant - particularly one this expressive! It was
marble, but I decided, with my "artist's license", to take some liberties
with the color, so I could give it a blue background. I love blue!! Any
chance to put blue in a picture I will always take. And there are so
many hues of it! Actually, my oil palette has about eight blues on it.
They areso inspiring.

Anyway, this is my offering for today. And, as I said recently, I am
beginning, slowly, to offer these things for sale again in my eBay store.
There will be more information about each item there.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

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christy said...

ooooh! beautiful, i love it priscilla!!