Red and Yellow Pear

Oil on Canvas on Wood Panel, 5" x 7" SOLD
This pear didn't seem to know if it was red
or yellow, but it was just so beautiful that I
had to paint it. It was hard not to eat it, because
it was perfectly ripe. Capturing that type of skin
in paint is a challenge, but I was pretty happy
with this painting. - It was interesting how the
highlights on the belly were a cold pink! You
wouldn't expect that....

Painting fruit and vegetables is such a challenge, and
it is so satisfying. It is a great teaching tool, also. In one
class I teach that is all we paint the entire quarter. I am always
so impressed with what my students come up with, and always
surprised at how much I learn from them. Painting is color,
and Nature offers infinite variety to challenge an artist.

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