Sunset after a Storm

Acrylic on Gessoed Board, 6" x 6" $100.00
This is another made-up picture. I guess it's the Caribbean. The
places that I have been there have made such an impression on me.
Particularly the skies.

This is one of my first acrylic paintings. You can probably tell....
There are certain aspects of acrylic that I like very much. For someone
who loves glazing as much as I do, the instant-dry factor is very
convenient. But, blending is problematical, and so is getting soft
edges. Spraying water on it, as I read David Hockney does, helps
a little bit. But it certainly is fun to play with. All in all, I think I'll
remain a big oils fan. I love the maleability of it, and the softness
of the edges that you can get with it like nothing else except maybe
pastel, or oil pastel.

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