Ariadne, after Greek, c. 300 BC

Pastel and Carbon Pencil on 18" x 24"archival White Paper,
image 11" square $85.00 Go Here
This is another "veils of color" drawing, done with mostly
Nupastels, vine charcoal, and a carbon pencil. I could do these
drawings/paintings forever.
It is interesting. Many people consider pastels drawings. But,
yesterday, at the end of a class I teach at the Art League School
in Alexandria, Virginia, called "Painterly Pastel", we had a critique
and everyone put their work up on the wall.
I asked the question, "if you were to just walk in here and look at
these for the first time, would you call these "drawings", or,
"paintings". Every one of them said "paintings". And, I think that
is true. It is because of the power of color, even when there
are a lot of lines involved, as in the drawing above. One is drawn
in by the color. Even in a simplistic color scheme such as this.
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