Jaclin Posing in a Kimono

Oil on Board, 5" x 7 1/2" , $100.00 SOLD

This is another composition that I have played
around with several times. I took a series of
photos of this model in various positions quite
a while ago. I was so captivated with her long
torso and legs, and her white skin, which really
was pale like this. She owned the kimono, and
the colors weren't anything like this, but I have
fun making up the colors each time I paint her.
Creating color harmonies is one of the things
I enjoy most about painting.

When my husband and I lived in Boston in the
80's and part of the 90's, we had an architecture
and interior design business. I am not an architect -
he is - although he also went to art school... but I really
enjoyed the interior design part of it; particularly
when we had interesting, imaginative clients who
weren't afraid to experiment with color and pattern.
My own taste does not lean toward the modern in
interior design, so it was fairly easy to get along with
our clients, most of whom had a "Beacon Hill" mentality.
We got one job just because, when the woman said,
"I'm thinking of a specific color for my library", I piped
up with "Pompeiian Red?". That just happened to be it,
and we began a job that lasted two years, and included
our designing everything in her residence down to the
bookshelves, the rugs, the tiles in her bathroom, and
a mural in her dining room. That was something.
A lot of work. But, I learned a lot as well.

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Stephen Magsig said...

Priscilla,This is just beautiful and I did bid on it but didn't get it.