Sharon in a Reclining Pose in Class

Oil on Gessoed Rag Board, 6" x 8 1/4" $150.00
I painted this sketch in homage to my favorite
model, Sharon, because she posed for my class
today. She never fails to inspire me, even though
she has been modeling for me, and for my classes,
for almost fifteen years. She just knows what to
do, modelling-wise, and her wistful and witty
Irish personality (her father was from the Old
Country) permeates the room when she is in
it. Her hair is red now, but for the sake of the
color harmonies of this piece, it isn't.
I enjoyed myself doing this, even though
I had to teach today and didn't have much
time left to do it. It isn't perfect, but I'm
pretty happy with it.

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