The Eastern Shore at Midday

Oil Pastel w/ Van Eyck Painting Medium on White Acrylic-
Sized Paper, 9" x 7 7/8", $100.00 Bid Here
I have a set of Sennelier oil pastels - actually I have two - one that
I have never touched because it is so beautiful I can't bare to touch
it, and another that was bought over time; piece by piece, also a Holbein
here, a Sakura there, that's been used and used.
I just love this image,
and thought I would play around with it using oil pastels. The Senneliers
are so soft, they are literally like lipstick. The Holbeins - and I forgot to
mention the Caran d'Ache, are somewhat firmer, but still incredibly
smooth and satisfying to work with.
I will put some color down, and take a deerfoot brush ( these are
brushes that I used for blending in oil painting) and dip it into a
tube of Sennelier Van Eyck Painting Medium (gelatinous but delicate),
and you can push the oil pastel around with this, and blend it together.
It is really fun.
Sometimes I feel really serious about my work, and sometimes I think
it brings out my (caution: over-used word alert - ) "inner child". I'm
planning on doing a series of figure paintings next, and they are very
demanding, so that is probably why I am doing this, and why I did the
pears yesterday. Just something light, and.....entertaining.
Thanks so much for visiting today.

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