Head of Hypnos

Pastel, Charcol and Conte Crayon on White Paper
This is a demo drawing I did for my students in my "Painterly
Pastel" class at the Art League School. Usually I find I find it hard
to draw in front of people, but because it was a holiday there
were only three people in attendance that day. Amazingly, I was
actuallly able to concentrate, and produced this drawing, which
I actually like - a lot!
Hypnos was the Greek god of sleep, and this bronze head, which
isn't really this color (I like to mix it up when I am doing this type
of drawing....) has a wing coming out of the side of his head. It just
drives me crazy. I must have at least five pictures of this sculpture
from different angles. I just love it! I find it inspiring and beguiling
at the same time. This is the first time I've ever felt that I did it
justice, actually.
I've been in an art funk for a while, and haven't been posting -
obviously. Hopefully I'm coming out of it now, and will be back
to presenting some works for your consideration, if not daily,
at least a few times a week.
Thanks for visiting!

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