After Greek Statue of a Boy Wrestling a Goose

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This drawing, which measures about 5.5." x 7.5", was
drawn entirely with a blending stump charged
with graphite powder on a piece of gessoed watercolor paper.

I have always been inspired to draw by ancient works, as
you must know if you are familiar at all with my blog. But
I've always had a particular fondness for this statue. In
this drawing the goose is given a very perfuntory render-
ing so you cannot really see him, but the sinous lines of
the statue's design still come through, I think.

I did do a large green pastel drawing of this same work, but I
was never satisfied with it. In that work the goose was quite
realistically rendered, but I wasn't happy with the boy...
oh well, it's always something.

I'm so excited! I just purchased a set of an entirely new
type of acrylics, called Interactive. They are made in
Australia, and have quite revolutionary characteristics
for acrylics. More about that later. I can't wait to use

Thanks for visiting today.

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christy said...

so lovely! seems to have a wonderful surface quality.