Sgraffito Head of Alexander

I am working on some drawings that are coming

along, but they are not finished. I feel like posting
things, so in the meantime, I am posting works from
the past of which I am very fond or proud.

This piece was done in the "sgraffito" method, which
is very ancient, as it was used in pottery centuries
ago. This particular work was done by laying down a
layer of crayons in patina colors, and going over that
with a layer of olive green/brown Caran d'Ache Neo-
Color Oil Pastel. That is smoothed out, and then a
drawing was executed using a tool that has several

wires coming out of the end, almost like a comb, which
enables me to do several lines at once, to do rather
easy curved cross-hatching. I finished it off with
some embellishment with Sennelier cobalt turquoise
oil pastel, which is as soft as lipstick.

Thanks for visiting today.
PS - I promise you will see some newer
work very soon.

1 comment:

zvonko said...

:-) Thank you dear Priscilla for your tipps very much!
Nice piece.
Wish I could do something alike this ...(wish me a luck)