Pastel and Charcoal Head of Roman Warrior

I have to admit that I love this drawing. It is done
in a method that I call "veils of color". It is done on
white bond sketch-weight paper. You do a drawing
with 1/8" round vine charcoal, and then go over that
with Nupastel in whatever color you want. This can
correct and mistakes if you are not done with the drawing,
or if you are, it can begin to suggest a color plan or direction,

Then I further develop the drawing with the vine, and add
more pastel, spraying between layers. I know that is contrary
to what most people think as pastel technique, but this is
just something I developed on my own, and I really like to
draw this way. It is very freeing, and fun. You never really
know what you are going to get. If you use regular fixative,
the paper remains smooth, and you can apply hard and soft
pastels, and charcoal pencils also - actually I prefer carbon
pencils, because they don't smear as much.

If you use Matte medium spray it leave little tiny globules
of spray on the paper, giving it a tiny tooth that is just great
for grabbing onto very soft pastel, in rich saturated colors.


christy said...

wow. i love this, the drawing and the color-- which is phenomenal. i'd love to try this technique sometime... when i work with pastel i tend not to spray it at all. do you think it would be wise if i started?

Ralph Serpe said...

Interesting technique. Thanks! Can't wait to give this a try.

Lauren said...

Just so beautiful. I just bid on your Hypnos skecth today & hope I win!! I'm so happy to have found you- I'm a local interior designer & am always looking for new artists & really love your style.