15-Minute Color Sketch of Standing Nude Female Model

6 1/2" x 11 1/2" on Canson Mi Tientes paper

This was done as a demonstration for some
students in class a couple of Saturdays ago.
I teach a figure drawing class every Saturday
morning, and have for about 17 years - has it
really been that long? I can't believe it.

The problem here was to work with a very
limited selection of Carb-Othello pastel
pencils (wonderful!!), on grey paper, or any
mid-tone colored paper of their choice.
The colors they had to work with were: White,
Naples Yellow (Conte), Sanguine, Light Blue,
Cadmium Red Light, Brown, and a Black
charcoal pencil.
This demo really was only 15 minutes. My
class is 3 hours long, but I don't like to take
up too much time with demonstrations, because
we spend quite a while warming up, and also
I am very against the idea of having my students
all trying to draw like I do. I've been drawing for
54 years. Most of them have just started.
I like to encourage my students to find their
own voice, and although most do realism, I don't
demand that either.
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