Sophie at Fifteen

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Oil Pastel and Mechanical Pencil on Gray gesso-primed canvas, 4" square

This is a picture of my daughter when she was about 15, I think. I have
done a lot of paintings and drawings of her, and she always looked very
sophisticated beyond her years. I like this image because she looks more
her age, and also displays her "lost-in-thought" character.

I have a large set of Sennelier oil pastels - well two really. One, I put
together little by little over the years as I could afford them, and it also
includes Holbein and Caran d'Ache oil pastels. Except for the Holbeins,
which are square, I keep them sharpened to a point with a large-hole
pencil sharpener. The other set I finally bought on sale. It is so
I can hardly stand to use it. It includes ten or twelve iridescents that
breathtaking. They look white, but iridesce to yellow/purple, pink/green,
orange/blue, and so on. Those are also all sharpened to a point.
They are fun to work with, because you can just draw with them, or, you
can manipulate them with palette knives or brushes, and also with
painting mediums. For this piece I used Winsor & Newton's Liquin Detail
Painting Medium, as I was working so small. I don't generally care
for working on canvas, because of the texture, but this was OK. I have to say
in this case, the photograph truly does not do the piece justice.

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