Milena in "Essence" Technique

This piece was done in the "essence" technique, which, I
just recently learned, Degas invented to be able to work in
a medium that looked like pastel which he would not have
to frame. -- Although Degas is thought of as being wealthy,
and was, in fact related to Italian nobility, his brother's
erstwhile, failed cotton business in New Orleans placed a
great deal of financial pressure on him during many years
of his life, so I guess he was looking, like most of us do, for
ways to economize. -- In this technique, the oil is soaked out
of the paint overnight on blotters, paper towels - Degas
apparently used cardboard - then scraped onto the palette
the next day.
Then, the paint is diluted with solvent (essence in French)
and can be painted on any unprepared paper surface.


christy said...

beautiful, priscilla, i love it's simplicity. very striking!

Priscilla said...

Thank you Christy - I missed you today...

Kellie Marian Hill said...

wow, thats fascinating- and such a beautiful result! thanks so much for sharing :)

Charles Pompilius said...

This is a beautiful study. I've read about this technique and would like to try it. Thanks for posting the information.