Sunset Sketch

Oil on Gessoed Wood, 5" x 7.5", click here to bid
I photographed this right after I finished painting it, so that explains
the glare. This was really fun to do. I used a different medium today,
which was essentially just linseed oil with some solvent in it. I usually
use Winsor & Newton's Liquin, and have for years, because it is such
a good glazing medium. But, this is a very frank sketch, so something
where you can just push and smear the paint around is best for
something like this. It's really fun.
Another good sketching medium is Dorland's wax medium. It also has
the advantage that it dries almost instantly, and, it can be buffed up
with a cloth when it's dry. How weird is that? Mix a little Liquin with it
to make it more fluid, and it's really great. By itself it's good for palette
knife work.
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