Head of Achilles - mixed media

Oil over pastel drawing - 12" x 14"
I didn't actually do this drawing/painting
today, but I've never shown it, and decided
that I want to. If for no other reason than to
inspire myself to move on to something
else for a while that I love to do -
pastel drawings.
This particular piece is interesting in that
it is a mixed media image. It was done
on Frankfurt Cream paper, first a pastel
drawing was done, and then I isolated that
with acrylic medium. This particular paper,
that has been around for centuries, literally,
is very resistant to warping or wrinkling when
it is wet.
After the medium dried, I used my oil paints
and those little squeegee things called
"Color Shapers" to finish the image. I was
very happy with it.
I hope to have some new images in the same
vein in the near future.

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