Gouache sketch on blue paper, 3" x 4"
I have been working hard on several paintings that are more
complicated . They require a lot of concentration, but leave
me little time for daily painting right now. I don't want to go back
on my resolution, but being preoccupied with painting is the point
here, I think(?). Not a daily race to see who can publish first.
So, I've posted one in the series of small landscape sketches in gouache
that I have been doing all along. Gouache fascinates me, because you
can use it either like watercolor (transparently), or opaquely, the way
it is really meant to be used. I like the leeway that gives me to experiment.
This particular study doesn't have any transparency in it, and was painted
fairly thickly, kind of like an oil painting. Anyone who loves oil painting
would love working in gouache!
Thanks for visiting today.

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