"Baroque Spirit"

Softground Etching, 7" x 9" NFS
I thought I would show a piece that is in the same
vein as my pastel drawings. I did this a while ago.
As a matter of fact, it was my first softground etching!
This is a statue behind the villa where I went to
graduate school in Florence. It was sticking out of
the end of a staircase leading to the garden behind the
villa. This was in San Domenico da Fiesole, halfway
between Florence and Fiesole. We had a beautiful
view of Florence rising out of the mist. It was a
beautiful place. We did not live there, we just had
classes there, and lived in apartments in Florence.
Anyway, I love this piece, partly because it was
a happy accident on a first try!
Thanks for visiting.

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