Reworked Iris

Oil on Archival Rag Board, 7" x 11"
I actually presented this piece quite a while
ago in my blog, but, the other day I was looking
at it and realized that it was not done yet.
So I got out my paints (particularly transparents)
and went to work finishing it off. There is not quite
as much pink in the background as it appears in this
Every spring I get the urge to paint flowers - well,
actually I like to paint them all the time, particularly
in gouache. They have such wonderful shapes and colors,
and it is always a problem to figure out how to portray
their delicacy and ephemeral qualities, as well as the
color. This is especially fun in gouache, which can be
used either opaquely or transparently. One can
communicate a lot of information with this combination.
It is great.
Thanks for looking. Sorry about the lack of postings recently.
I've been on a small "vacation" from my work. Hope to be
getting back into it now.

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Jacqui Dodds said...

This painting of Irises is lovely - I have some in my garden right now which are a bit lighter in colour than these.