Cloud #19 - A Potomac Afternoon

Oil on linen-covered panel, 5' X 7"

I really enjoyed doing this painting on linen panel today. I have
painted this composition before in gouache, and I'm happy with
the way it came out in oil. More colors, more complex water in
some ways. It is fun to make it up using what I know and remember.
Things like this aren't always successful, but it's a wonderful feeling
when it is.

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Jacqui Dodds said...

Hi Priscilla
Love this painting on linen and also the Italian one and the one with stars - all really lovely.
You blog is on my reading list but it shows that you haven't blogged for a year, which clearly is not the case and links to one of your older posts. I can see that you have blogged more recently but I have tried to renew the link on my site but it is not changing - I am baffled?