Artichokes on a Pink Plate

Oil on Gessoed Ragboard laid down on wood, 5" x 8"   SOLD

I really enjoyed doing this painting. It was truly a challenge analyzing
the colors in the artichokes. Who ever thinks about actually mixing pink
and green together? Of course, they are complementary colors, but we
usually think about mixing red and green to create a muted, neutral
color. Here, I had to create many different versions of green, and some
spots were almost iridescent. I love these colors! -  I think I may keep
experimenting with artichokes, or, I bought some beautiful small
Indian eggplants at an amazing international supermarket that we
go to. They are a rich purple/rose color with contrasting green/brown
stems. Now I just have to come up with a composition that will do
them justice. Color is an amazing thing - it is almost alive in its
ability to interact and create any effect that you can think of.
Josef Albers was correct when he described color as being the
most "mercurial" aspect of art. But mastering color -- that is the
challenge that every artist faces, and for some it is a never-ending,
totally absorbing pursuit. I know that it is for me.

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