Purple Datura Flower in the National Botanical Garden

Gouache and Watercolor on Watercolor Board
4" x 5 3/4" $80.00 go to eBay


That was all I could think when I saw this
spectacular Datura. It was about seven
inches long, with a trumpet-like opening
(I'm sure you'll eventually see a painting
of that also...) that was about 4" in diameter.

I was a little embarassed, because I was so
transfixed by the beauty of this plant that I
couldn't move for a few minutes. I had to keep
staring at it; got fifteen pictures of it,
from every angle that I could.

This is a very sketchy picture, and, except for
the color, I hardly feel that I did it justice -
except I have to say I do like the looseness
of the composition. There were so many other
types of vegetation around it - other smaller
orchids, types of leaves and grasses - it would
be very daunting to paint all in detail. One has
to be in the mood. And frankly, sometimes I
am. But not today.


Bargeview said...

Lovely rendering and subject - are you sure it's an orchid? It looks like something in the convulvulaceae...

Anonymous said...

There is an orchid show on now "Orchids from A to Z" with other plants as well. But whatever it might be, it is palpably luscious with its candy-like color and form. Like something from a tastefully colored Willy Wonka landscape.

Priscilla Treacy said...

I did actually go to the Orchid show at the National Botanical Garden. That is where I took all of my pictures. But I was so distracted, to be honest I didn't read all the identifying plaques carefully. Perhaps this wasn't an orchid? Does anyone know?