Pewter and Cherries with Turquoise Fabric

Pastel on Wallis Sanded Paper, 4" x 4" $100.00

This is a fragment that I chose to select out of
a larger still life that was placed inside of a black
"drawing theater" - a black box that is only open on
one side. It is fun to place objects in it and then play
around with the angle of lights shining on still life objects
in the box.

Different types of effects can be created by how
far inside the box the objects are placed, and also,
from how far an angle the light shines in, or across.
I use this in my drawing classes with just black and
white objects to teach tone and value recognition.
But it was fun having this colorful still life contained
in this box, and even more fun working on the
sanded paper, which never seems to stop holding more

I had a happy accident when I sprayed the piece near
the end with Sennelier Fixatif Latour for pastel. It is
not an aerosol, but rather comes in a plastic pump
bottle, and sometimes spits out little circular dots
of fixative. This happened on the pewter goblet,
making just the right kind of texture for that object!

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