Early Evening Boston Studio View ll

Acrylic on Paper, 4 3/8" x 4 1/8", $80.00 SOLD
This one was done from a photo I took out the window
of my studio in Boston when I lived there in the 80's.
I never tired of seeing the different sunsets. I know I
mentioned in my last posting of this view how fascinated
I was by the buildings. The way they seemed to glow here
is not my imagination. There was something about the fact
that they were all made out of bricks, and were up high on
a hill, combined with the fact that the window faced
due west, that created a sort of nimbus around the
building sometimes.
This was easy to create in oil with a glaze of
Gamblin's Transparent Earth Red. This is acrylic, so
I just sort of did the best I could with some burnt umber
mixed with some orange and acrylic medium. A different
animal completely....but I'm developing a fondness for them,
I have to admit.
I'm planning on trying oils over acrylic. I think
that ultimately I'll like the range that will give
better than just straight acrylic.
I'll keep with the acrylics for awhile, though, just
to really get the hang of it. They are fun.

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Connie said...

Priscilla - this is just beautiful!