Impression of a Night in Venice

Acrylic on Archival Paper laid down on board, SOLD
5" x 6" $50.00 Click Here to Bid
This paiting was composed partly from a photo, partly
from memory, and partly from imagination. It was a
long time ago that I was in Venice, but I never forgot
how entranced I was by it. It is so quiet there, because
there are no cars! Just canals and boats. It is very
mysterious, but grand at the same time. I stayed in
a hotel that had a chandelier in the dining room that
was made entirely of blown-glass flowers in many colors,
hanging from the ceiling. It was about eight feet long.
I was amazed. It was probably made at Murano, in the
bay off of Venice, where they do all of the famous
glass work. I would love to go back there someday.

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