Tiny Pre-Raphaelite Sophie l

Oil on Board, 4" x 4" $50.00 SOLD
This tiny painting of my daughter was done from a
photo I took of her quite a few years ago. I manipulated
the photo in Photoshop - something I love to do - using
the lighting options, so that I vignetted her into this
circle. I just thought it had an unusual, "times past"
look. With her flowing hair, pensive expression, and
colorful kimono, she struck me as very similar to some
of the models used by the Pre-Raphaelite painters, who
seemed to favor extremely pale, long haired, pensive
women. My daughter is actually bright and and happy -
she's just a good model. I've done many paintings and
prints of her. She wanted to be an actress for a while,
and can be quite dramatic, which makes her a great
person to draw and paint!
This is just a quickly-done
painting, but there are things about it that I like.

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