"Essence" Copy after Degas

7" x 9", Oil Paint on Paper SOLD

This is an example of a technique known
as essence, that was used a great
deal by both Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec.
The oil paint is laid out overnight on
paper towels or blotter paper to soak out
the linseed oil. The next morning the paint
is transferred to a palette. Then, using
only solvent ("essence" is French for "solvent"),
one paints with the oil-less paint on any paper.
The paper does not need to be prepared in any way,
thus you can paint on bond paper, drawing paper,
pastel paper, charcoal paper (like this), Canson
Paper, brown wrapping paper, whatever. It is
really fun - and archival! That's how Toulouse-
Lautrec did all those paintings on cardboard that
are in the National Gallery in DC!!

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