Tiny Figure

Drypoint Etching, 3" x 4"
This really is a tiny figure. I had it

in mind to do a series of these. This
is the first one. It is based on a photo
that I took of woman who used to model
for my classes who was fabulous.
Unfortunatetly, she doesn't model
anymore. She was tall and stately,
and really fun to do gesture drawings
of, because she had really long legs
and expressive hands, and she always
had her hair up, but it was always
falling down into these great shapes.

This was drawn on a zinc plate, and printed
on French Rives BFK printmaking paper.
I only printed a couple of prints today, and I
think I'll probably only get about eight good
ones out of the edition, because the lines are
so delicate. But, I am very happy with the

1 comment:

Chris Bolmeier said...

This is lovely! Your series of these is great idea.