Plowed Field in Spring

Oil Color Monotype, 4.5" x 6" $100.00 go to eBay

This is an example of a monotype done with watersoluble
oil paints on Yupo watercolor paper as a base. The Yupo
watercolor paper is white, of course, but it's also a piece of
thin white plastic, which is perfect for releasing the paint
onto a piece of damp printmaking paper in a press.

Before I do the painting, I will coat the plate with some
Grumbacher Slow-Drying Medium for watersoluble oils,
and roll paint into that (using Speedball soft rollers), and
also brush paint into it. It give a good overall surface to work
into. Then, after soaking the printmaking paper for awhile, and
blotting it so that there is no standing water on it, I'll place the
Yupo paper on a thin metal or plastic etching plate to raise it
up a bit, and then print it in an etching press. This method will
remove every bit of paint from the plate and give a good, clean
and sharp print.

This image is rather impressionistic, but I like the sense of
space that it conveys.

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