Irish Sketch

Pencil and Oil on Denril Paper, 5" x 7" $110.00 eBay

A lot of my ancestors, including my grandmother on
my mother's side, and my grandfather on my father's side,
were from Ireland. But I've never been there. I hope to go
there someday though. This is another one of those imagined
pictures. It is what I think a collection of buildings on an Irish
hillside near the ocean would look like on a sunny day. I had
a lot of fun doing it.

Denril paper is actually a translucent paper made for
architects. But, because it has a treated, impervious surface,
you can paint right on it in oils. You can also wipe it right
off too, because it doesn't sink in - which makes it really
fun to work with. It's also great for colored pencils, or
plain graphite. It looks like Mylar, but it's soft and pliable,
and is an actual paper. It comes in large sheets also.

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Chris Bolmeier said...

Very Nice and interesting about the Dentril paper. Where do you get it?