Early Evening View from Boston Studio Window

Oil on Gessoboard, 4" square $100.00

This was the view out my studio window when I lived
in Boston for nine years. I lived on the back side of
Beacon Hill, which was an odd place to begin with -
all those buildings clustered closely together on that
little artificial hill - but there was always something
about this view that reminded me of the Middle Ages.

The odd shapes of the structures on the tops of the
tenement buildings; so many of them were surmounted with
these glass pyramids topped with little balls. The pyramids
would change color according to the light in the sky.
It was intensely urban, that's for sure. Were it not for
the Boston Common and the Public Garden a short walk
away, I think living there would have been unbearably

But, oddly enough, sometimes I miss
it. It's probably nostalgia. My studio was only my studio
until my daughter was born in 1986. What joy. Then it became a
baby's room, and the center of my life ceased to be my
artwork for quite a while. If I had to do it over, I wouldn't
change a thing.

Vita breve. Ars longa.

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