Back Pose of Nude Female Posing in Life Class

Oil on gessoed linen canas, 12" x 16" $100.00
This figure sketch was done in a combination of
three colors of paint that worked remarkably well
for the skin tones of this model: Van Dyke Brown,
Burnt Umber, and Winsor Newton Naples Yellow.
I stress Winsor Newton Naples Yellow, because I
feel that it is one of the few companies that manu-
factures a true Naples Yellow color. Also, notice
this is painted on a gessoed linen that has first been
toned with gray. That is one of the reasons that it
works so well.
Gray tends to take on the complement
of whatever color is placed against it. It's called
"optical grays", and in this case, it's picking up the
orange that is suggested by the mixture of the burnt
umber (a very orangey brown) and the Naples Yellow.
The medium that I used was Liquin. I also "oiled up" my
canvas (put an extremely thin layer of Liquin on the
surface) before I started painting, to make the paint
glide while I was sketching. Because Liquin dries com-
pletely in 24 hours, you don't have to worry about the
"fat over lean" rule. I know this is true. I've been doing
it for 30 years. This kind of painting is really fun.
Now I could use this painting for a grisaille underpainting
if I want, and go over it with transparent and opaque color, or,
I could just leave it as is. Painting is great, isn't it?
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sarahfburns said...

I really admire your work!
Thank you for linking to me!

christy said...

this piece is so nice! thanks for posting the good info, i'm learning much.

Chris Bolmeier said...

such beauty, strength, simplicity, and prowess all in one brilliant package

Priscilla Treacy said...

Thanks for the nice comments y'all!