Italian Villa Sunrise

4" x 5 1/2" , Oil over Acrylic on Board,
$100.00 SOLD
This is another version of a painting that I did
many years ago, based on a black and white
photograph I found in Italy. It is partly real,
and mostly made up.
A glaze of ultramarine blue over a thin black
acrylic sketch was the inspiration for the
"sunrise". From there it was fairly easy to imagine
what colors would be there if the sun were shining
from below...the red roof just catching the light, and
the statue catching full sun. I wish I were there now...
When I lived there I could go to the student cafeteria,
the Mensa, and get lunch or dinner for 50 cents. Those
days are long gone. I haven't been back since 1973.
But I've not lost the inspiration to still make pictures
of the place. There is no other place like it.

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